уроци по китара,напреднали,uroci po kitaraGuitar School A Major is founded with the idea of helping students’ individual development, proliferation of musical culture  and popularization of the guitar music.

Teaching system in Guitar School A Major is based on the psychological theories of development, emotional memory and increasing motivation mechanisms. The guitar education in Guitar School A Major increases the quality of life by enriching the emotional world and adding new colors to the personal identity of every student.

Founder and director of the Guitar School A Major is Anastas Mihailov, MA,LRSM. A musician with diverse interests, he plays the violin since the age of six and the guitar since fourteen. In 1990, the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture issued Mr.Mihaylov a certificate which gives him the right to perform as a stage artist and in 1991 he acquired his certificate as guitar and music theory teacher. In 1996, he graduated the Sofia University „Sv. Kl. Ohridski“ with a master’s degree in psychology. Having a DipABRSM and Grade 8 in music theory he has been awarded by ABRSM a Licentiate of the Royal Schools of Music (LRSM) in instrumental teaching. He plays the Guitar, Tamboura and Ukulele. Mr Mihaylov speaks Bulgarian and English.

Mr Mihaylov has been working as a guitar teacher for many years. In the meantime he has played in clubs and pubs in Sofia, including „Khan“, „Radio City New York“, „Thrace“, „Passport club“, „Stateside Cafe Americana“ and many more. He has also played concerts in different European countries, such as Slovenia, France, Austria and others. He has issued a couple of CDs and sheet music compilations with original arrangements and compositions.

His psychological interests are mainly directed towards group work. Anastas Mihaylov practices as a group leader in the field of training of trainers/peer education and socio-psychological training programs for children and adults. He has experience in different international projects, taking part as a leader or participant in different specialized training courses in Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Russia and Bulgaria.

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Anastas Mihaylov is married. His hobbies are tourism and ecology. He volunteers in rescue centers and organizations helping stray dogs. As a professional he is a member of the Bulgarian Psychological Society and MUSICAUTOR – A society of composers, authors and music publishers for collective management of author’s rights.

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